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Armenian gifts online store where you can order Armenian gifts from obsidian, wood, ceramics and other souvenirs with shipping and delivery service Worldwide.


At Armenian Gifts online store we have included souvenirs based on our own works with obsidian and works of best masters of Yerevan vernissage. Here you will find a wide range of products, that Armenians living abroad would like to have in their home or would get as gifts in Armenian style for their international friends. There are many items symbolizing Armenia and also many that you would like to have been from any other country! Everyone would be interested in our books from obsidian in different languages (English, French, German, Russian) and car key chains with images of a wide selection of makes and models with Armenian as well as English text. You would also find beautiful items such as walnut vases and clocks, obsidian rosaries, ceramic candle holders, coffee accessories, sculptural wall hangings.


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