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Delivery is conducted via «Standard Airmail» post within 7-20 working days.

See the prices for delivery below in the table as per tariffs of «Standard Airmail» post.


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$ 3.99

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$ 39.99

$ 49.99


The cost of sending goods up to 2 kg is priced on a scale for parcels. In case the weight of goods is more than 2 kg the cost of sending is already priced on a scale for packages. The shipping cost for a package of up to 3 kg is $ 39.99 and then $10 for each additional kg. Therefore, in order to reduce cost of shipping for you, we advise that when the weight of your shopping cart reaches 2 kg which is displayed on the first line of shopping cart, please complete your order and then continue shopping into your next basket of up to 2 kg and so on.

The price of each item for the client is calculated by adding the price indicated on the product page and the delivery price. The weight of each item is indicated on the website, thus you can yourself calculate the cost of an order, which is automatically calculated for you by our website program during compiling of your order basket. If the quantity of items in the basket is increased, you gain additional profit in the price of delivery as well. For your convenience and clearness of profit our program shows the cost of the order of only one item and the cost of the order of several items.

a) The estimated arrival times are taken directly from information provided by our couriers. These are estimates only, is not responsible if this varies.

b) Goods will need to be signed for. Please give a delivery address where someone will be available.

c) If goods are returned to because of an incorrect or incomplete address, the shipping and handling charges are not refundable.

d) In exceptional circumstances we reserve the right to use alternative couriers.

e) Saturday deliveries are at the discretion of the couriers, it is our experience that in most cases they do choose to deliver to residential addresses on Saturday mornings.

f) Products which are Works of Art or hand craft works might differ slightly in shape, color and size. If it does differ, we will choose a higher class, size or quality item.


The orders are processed and submitted for packing within three days and once a week they are supplied to «Standard Airmail» shipping terminal. Thus your order will be shipped between 3 to 7 days. For Paintings we will require additional 3-5 days to acquire authorization from Ministry of Culture for export of Arts from Armenia. 

After shipping we'll send to your e-mail address a photocopy of the post-office receipt and, using the confirmation code on it, you’ll be able to follow the progress of your package on the website of «Standard Airmail». Shipment of the orders can be tracked at "Haypost AM track and trace" English version and in most cases, during transit, at "USPS track and trace".

In the event that the package is not delivered during one month period since the date of shipping, please, send us back the photocopy of post-office receipt, and we'll search for the package accordingly. In the event that the package is not found during the following month it is considered lost and we'll re-send it to you or return your money, if such delay already made the receipt of the package unreasonable for you.

If the item is delivered damaged, we are asking to kindly send to us on the same day photos of the damaged item as well as of the box and all packaging, amortizing and sealing materials. We are asking to keep all those materials they are required for claim processing against the «Standard Airmail» for failure to comply with rules of control and transportation, taking in account that reliability of our company’s packaging excludes damage of items for of falls from human height or from the height of the board of the carrier. If we cannot recommend you restoration of the damaged item according to the photographs sent by you, we'll send you the order again.