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Bracelet religious with Russian Orthodox saints

The bracelet has a length of 22 cm and consists of 7 elements 2х3 cm in size each, beaded on a rubber thread. In between the elements are beaded wooden inserts and glass balls. The elements depict Christos (Christ), Chudotvorets (Wonderworker), Panteleymon Tselitely (Panteleimon Healer), Bogoroditsa Semistrelynaya (Mother of God “of the Seven Arrows”), Bogoroditsa Kazanskaya (Mother of God of Kazan), Bogoroditsa Vladimirskaya (Mother of God of Vladimir), and Neupivaemaya Chasha (Inexhaustible Chalice) icon.
The drawings are applied by vacuum deposition
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The technology of creating the image on the products from obsidian is developed by Armenian scientists based on computer micro-chips production technology. Obsidian is a volcanic rock formed as a result of fusion of various rocks in а stream of lava and cooling of the molten rock very rapidly. The image on the products from obsidian is created by vacuum spray-coating of titanium in computer micro-chips production high-tech systems. This is possible, because obsidian, also called “volcanic glass”, is the only natural stone, the surface of which has properties of flame polishing, required for the pads of computer micro-chips. Another know-how is that for spraying of the conductive lines onto obsidian a stencil is used, in a form of inscriptions and artistic drawings.

Length: 22 cm